Tasks of the Student Representation

To carry out its tasks, the Council of Student Representatives elects chairpersons, speakers and delegates. These form the General Student Committee (AStA) and meet regularly on Tuesday at 18:30 in the AStA office. These meetings are also open to the public and you are welcome to attend. The next dates can be found here.

The tasks of the Student Representation are laid down in the Bavarian University Law. The realization of these tasks can be seen in our projects:

Tasks in the Bavarian University Law

The Bavarian Higher Education Act stipulates the following tasks for student representation:

  1. To represent the professional, economic and social interests of the students of the university.
  2. Inter-faculty issues arising from the participation of student representatives in university bodies
  3. To promote the intellectual, musical and sporting interests of the students.
  4. The nurturing of relations with German and foreign students.

This is what it looks like in concrete terms: Our topics and projects

  • Participation in the distribution of study grants
  • Creation of learning and working spaces for students
  • Evaluation of statutes and appointments
  • Participation in the implementation of the Bologna reform
  • Improvement of IT services at the university
  • Dealing with student housing
  • Organization of parties, festivals and cabaret evenings
  • Organization of the lecture series environment
  • Contact with the Studentenwerk
  • and much more besides