The [N]avi[g]ator is the magazine of the Student Council for Aeronautics, Astronautics and Geodesy. We keep you up to date on the activities of the student council, inform you about current university life and conduct interviews with professors, staff and other interesting personalities. In a serious tone befitting a student council, we also comment on current events (but never politics and almost never the weather).

Besides university affairs we also report on general topics, especially in geodesy, aerospace and everything around studying. Reports about international projects, portraits of companies and societies, but also culinary topics sometimes find their way into our newspapers and blogs.

The current issue, respectively the [N]avi[g]ator blog can be found below, the new issue will be published at the end of November. Be amazed!




The C[o]mpass is our orientation guide for all those starting their studies. It contains important info, points of contact, explains the room numbering system and tells you what not to do. It is published regularly at the beginning of the term. For the Summer Term 2020 it is included in the [N]avi[g]ator!


Currently, the [N]avi[g]ator is published in a blog format. We update the blog at least once a month and will inform you when a new article is available.


Current Editions


As the term starts, here is the new C[o]mpass!


[N]avigator 1 - Summer Term 2020

It has finally happened! After several weeks worth of work, disregard of costs and social life (due to the pandemic), the first [N]avi[g]ator has been released!