Opening hours

Usually, the StudiTUM-buildings are open 24/7.
However, there are some exceptions, which will be announced here or can be seen in the calendar of the room in TUMonline when individual rooms are booked for events. 

Important Messages

Innenstadt/City center:

  • Access to showers may not work (See registration for Showers).


  • Music room open again: Infos about registration under music room. Notify us in case of problems.


  • Music room open again! Infos about registration under music room.
  • Table football: In the basement you can play table football now.

Interested in this topic or further questions?

If you have further questions, feedback or interest in this topic, you can always contact us at studitum(at)!
Please do not forget to include the location of the concerned house.

Instructions for behavior in the houses

Please be considerate of each other in the StudiTUM houses and treat them with care.
The project was realized with a lot of voluntary work by students for students and should be treated with respect accordingly.
It is run mostly without any supervision and intervention and relies on every student using the house, also taking care of it.
Even if there is a cleaning service in the houses, it is not responsible for dirty dishes and glass waste lying around or for dirtiness that goes beyond normal use.
Please also report damages and problems in the houses, so that these can be repaired.
Please use the limited space efficiently, so everybody can benefit from the learning places, especially during the exam period, and do not occupy spaces for a longer period of time without using them.
Lastly, if you move furniture, please return it afterwards and take note of the manual for the tables.


The StudiTUM buildings are intended to meet our needs for individual and group study spaces as well as exchange opportunities for students. The three buildings, distributed across the main TUM locations, are to be used variably. In addition to learning space, this should also enable the many student groups to work creatively and productively. In all buildings, the focus is on variable use, so that even with limited space there are places for studying and exchanging ideas, and student groups can be creative and productive in the buildings.

The buildings can be used by all students from TUM.
They are mostly managed by the student council of TUM.
Therefore, feel free to contact us at studitum[at] if you have any ideas or feedback.

The smallest, but arguably most important StudiTUM is located at the Munich Campus (“Stammgelände”): Here, the number of learning spaces is smallest in proportion to the number of students studying nearby. The StudiTUM is an attempt at closing the gap: spread out over almost 500 m², the house contains learning spaces for about 100 students as well as a lounge that fits another 20 people. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to add a second fire escape. As a result, the floors above the ground floor are each limited to 30 people at once.

Gabelsbergerstraße 43
80333 München

StudiTUM Munich at Google Maps

In Weihenstephan, an old distilling lab offered the architectural base for the StudiTUM. Its approximately 1100 m² of floor space offer about 180–200 seats in study spaces and 80 additional seats. A spacious basement allow for a music practice room, a lounge with table football and a pool table, and a room for rest. The high-ceilinged foyer with its historic catwalk not only sets a fantastic ambiance to spend time in during the day, but also offers a location for smaller events. The remaining rooms are dedicated to group study or individual quiet study.

Weihenstephaner Steig 16
85354 Freising

StudiTUM Weihenstephan at Google Maps

The StudiTUM in Garching is the largest StudiTUM with its almost 1500 m² of floor space—and it’s the only building purpose-built to become a StudiTUM. From the outset, students’ requirements were central to the planning process. For example, the basement offers a room for music practice and the ground floor contains a seminar room, a foyer and a lounge. These rooms can be used together as an event space. Smaller rooms for group work and rooms for silent self-study are available in the upper floors, improving the supply of study space on campus. The rooftop terrace invites students to take a break between lectures. All in all, the building offers about 265 seats in study spaces as well as 100 additional seats.

Lichtenbergstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München

StudiTUM Garching at Google Maps

In the negotiations for the new five-year plan of the central study grants (2019 to 2023) another StudiTUM could be introduced: A building on the campus of the Klinikum rechts der Isar. Of course, like all StudiTUM buildings, it will be available to all TUM students and will not be specifically for medical students.

A building at Trogerstraße 12 is currently being considered, and the first planning meetings for this building were held in September 2018.

Because of rising costs, the future of the project is currently unknown.

The building is still in the initial planning phase.


The current terms of use can be found in the StudiTUM section of TUMOnline

Derivations of those rules will be published at the entrance of the StudiTUMs and should be checked regularly.

In all StudiTUM buildings you are only allowed to use the dedicated group rooms as groups and it is not allowed to reservate them alone.
Reservating a workplace (for a friend) is prohibited as well.
If you do not intend to use a place for longer time, free it.
Please be mindful of your peers, leave your place clean and in general take care of the house.

If you leave a room as the last person, please:

  • close all windows
  • turn down the heater
  • turn off the light
  • dispose your trash

Also contact us in case ob problems or feedback.

city center only:

Next to the general rules, there are the following additional rules due to the restricted space:

It is not allowed to leave the workplace for longer than

  • 45 min while lunch time from 11 – 14:00 o’clock
  • 20 min for the rest of the opening times

If you leave your place, please note the time of leave clearly visible on your place, otherwise your work place will be cleared for other students if space is needed.

The StudiTUM houses are accessible 24/7. 

For this purpose, the main and barrier-free entrances are equipped with readers for Studentcards. In order to ensure that living together in the StudiTUM houses is pleasant, every user must adhere to the StudiTUM rules of use.
You can find those in TUMOnline under the card "StudiTUM" or at the link
These must therefore be agreed to on TUMonline before the first use, similar to the library rules. Afterwards your own student card will be activated for all 3 buildings.

I've accepted the terms of use but my student card won't open the doors - What am I doing wrong?
If you are having any issues with the card readers at the entrances, don't hesitate to contact studitum(at)

Please answer the following questions to speed up the process:

  • Did you recently get a new student card?
  • Did it already work in the past?
  • Does the card work at the Mensa?
  • Is this also happening, when you only hold your student card to the reader?
  • What's your 10 digit card number on the top right of your student card?
  • What light colour and code does the reader show before and after you hold your card to it?
  • Have you accepted the terms of use of StudiTUM in TUMOnline (link see above)? Please double check if "StudiTUM München, Garching und Weihenstephan" is shown in green as in the example below.

Please include a video of the card reader, when holding your card to it, if possible.


Due to space and administration constraints, students can unfortunately not reserve a room in advance. The usage of rooms in StudiTUM buildings is intended to be completely flexible, so a permanent usage of rooms is not intended. Instead, the rooms should be shared by both students and student groups.

Rooms may be reserved in advance only by the following groups:

  • the Student Representation; School Student Councils
    • Information about bookings can be found here (de)
  • Student groups who have been granted StudiTUM privileges
    • In addition, these student groups can get access to a rolling container to store documents and objects. This container can be rolled into booked rooms.
    • Information about bookings can be found here
  • (with special permission) events relevant to students

We think this is a much better solution than permanently assigned rooms since

  • there aren't enough rooms to provide all groups with rooms
  • different types of rooms are needed for different activities, and this concept allows for greater flexibility in that regard,
  • the only rooms that would be suitable as offices in any way are far too small (less than 20 m²) to properly accommodate a whole group,
  • unused rooms remain available to all students for studying.

We very much hope that you support our concept, even though more rooms of your own are certainly always an advantage for individual groups. However, we consider this arrangement to be too inflexible, unfair and outdated.

All rooms in the houses are equipped with the IRIS room management system (see IRIS learning room management). This means that rooms can be temporarily occupied by students in person. Certain status groups (see Room reservations) can book some rooms in advance. These bookings are displayed online and on the tablets so that other students who are currently studying there, are notified of these bookings.

The current reservations and occupation can be seen:

Predominant elements of the interior design are folding tables with a white surface and FourCast2 chairs in anthracite and orange. With a work surface area of 1.8 m by 0.8 m, the tables offer sufficient space for two people to work comfortably. They are also equipped with power and USB sockets for charging electronic devices. The chairs promise both seating comfort and durability.

Individual group study rooms are also equipped with whiteboards and/or presentation monitors.

Each StudiTUM also has a lounge where you can relax between lectures and chat with fellow students. It is equipped with beanbags to allow a comfortable rest.

table football:
In the StudiTUM in Weihenstephan you can play table football in the basement.


In Garching and Weihenstephan is one rehearsal room each of approx. 30 m². This is primarily available for student music groups and bands. Individuals can also use this room to practice their instruments.

A basic range of equipment is also available for use in Garching:
Drums, music system, microphones, keyboard, simple amplifiers and a piano

In Weihenstephan there are a piano and amplifiers.


For access to the rooms a small briefing is necessary for each location.
You can sign up under:

Please use the TUM email address ( or when registering!

If there is no suitable time slot, you can also register there for updates. Please don't write us further mails for dates.


Please respect the reservations, as in Garching there is more demand then time slots currently.


Bookings in TUMOnline take precedence for room usage to make scheduling easier!
There are currently limitations on the maximum booking time per week, as there is a lot of demand.

manual for booking

direct links (Login in TUMOnline first and then click the links):

StudiTUM Garching U.020:$ctx/wbKalender.wbRessource?pResNr=29851

StudiTUM WZW/Weihenstephan K 2:$ctx/wbKalender.wbRessource?pResNr=31256

Ideas & Feedback

In case of problems or feedback, please contact us at
If you want to help us, you can also contact us there.

Because this is still a pilote phase, there will probably be changes and we need your support.

Each building will contain a family room of about 15 m². These are reserved exclusively for pregnant women to rest or parents with children. They will be equipped with upholstered furniture, a desk, a nappy-changing facility, toys and a sleeping corner for children. 

The IRIS learning room management system has now been successfully used for several years in learning rooms in Garching Hochbrück and in the Mathematics and Computer Science building. It is also used throughout the StudiTUM buildings. On tablets in the learning rooms the rooms can be occupied on site. This information is then displayed in real time in the TUM Campus App, online and on overview monitors in the StudiTUM houses. This means that you don't have to go on long trips at a stroke of luck, but can instead make a targeted search for a currently empty room.

The current occupation can be seen at

If you notice any problems, please contact us at lernraum[at]

The buildings in the city center, Garching and Weihenstephan each contain usable showers.

They are located in the basement for Weihenstephan and Garching and freely accessible.

For the city center the showers are in the 3rd floor. For access for this one, please write us your 7 digit TUM digit letter login (the one you use for moodle, e.g. xy12abc) at studitum-shower[at]

Please be responsible when using the showers and keep them clean!


Two thirds of the StudiTUM buildings are financed by study grants and one third by the TUM budget. In Weihenstephan there are also funds from the preservation of historical monuments.

  Study grants TUM Budget
Munich 2 Mio Euro 1 Mio Euro
Garching 4 Mio Euro 2 Mio Euro
Weihenstephan 4 Mio Euro 2 Mio Euro
Klinikum Rechts der Isar 4.5 Mio Euro 2.75 Mio Euro



The representatives of the StudiTUM houses from the student representation serve as an interface between TUM and the students for topics concerning the houses.
We are involved in the concrete shaping and equipment of the buildings including their associated funding and serve as contact persons for problems.
Due to the orientation of the houses towards the students, we have an influence on their operation and are in close cooperation with the TUM to bring in and represent the students' opinions regarding the houses.
In addition, the office is involved in the planning of previous and future StudiTUM houses. 


Peter Zarnitz: 2012 - 2015

Philipp Rinner: 2015 - 2016

Paul Maroldt: 2016 - 2019

Philipp Koch: 2017 - 2020

Alexander Spears: 2020-2022

Michael Brunner: 2021-2023