Work and Study places for students

In the last semesters it got increasingly difficult for students to find places to study or work at the university. To build more study houses takes a lot of time and is quite expensive. Furthermore, it would only be a solution for the future. So, we thought about what we can do now and how can we provide more space to study? Therefore, our idea was to work with the rooms we have. For several semester now we have been involved in the project “intelligent study room management (IRIS)”. The goal is to create an overview of all rooms which can be used by students for studying or for work. There are a lot of rooms in or near the university which are not used, not known at all, or are too far from the faculties to walk by and see if the room is free to use. With the help of TUMonline you can find free rooms, but it only shows the ones which are not used for educational purposes, not the rooms which are used by students. When the room is not needed for seminars, lectures… the room is free to use as a place to study. So here is the second problem which we try to solve within the project. How do I know if the room is already used by other students? Therefore, we have two possible solutions:

1.      Automatic counter at the door, which provide the occupation data at TUMonline. As a result, you can check if the room has enough capacity to be used by other students

2.      A touchscreen display installed in the room, the students themselves adjust whether the room is fully occupied

But which one is better?

Status of the project

At the moment, the StudiTUM-houses at the campus in the city center and in Garching as well as the study rooms above the mathematics/informatics library, some conference rooms and seminar rooms are equipped with touchscreens. Therefore they are part of IRIS and students can inform themselves at

which rooms are occupied and which rooms are available to use.

But the project is not finished yet. The goal is to integrate many other rooms to IRIS. If the feedback will remain positive, there will be an extension to other houses and locations/campuses.

Pilot project in Garching-Hochbrück

Together with Dr. Kredler (Special representative of the President for the organization of studies) and Andreas Bernhofer (IT service center) we tested both possibilities at the Parkring 35 in Garching-Hochbrück. The financial support was provided by the university. The counting device was sadly measuring inaccurate. Therefore, we still did not know if the room was occupied or not. The touchscreens on the other hand have performed significantly better in the test run so that the data was valid. As a result, the touchscreens were used while extending the project to Garching campus.


Further Information

At the TUM-Homepage you will find further information about the study rooms as well as at

Searching for a student assistant!

You want to know more about IRIS or have an idea how to do improve it?

We are looking for help to manage and further develop the study room system IRIS. You can have an active part in the design of the system, the chance to realize your own ideas as well as making it easier for your fellow students to find a place to study.


  • Bugfixing/ further development at the city center campus with IT-equipment and test gear
  • Bugfixing/ further development of some simple WebViews (HTML/CSS/JS) and the Angular App
  • Test, acceptance and development of updates
  • Analysis and resolution of problems, if necessary, also at the devices on site

What you get

  • An office at the campus in the city center with IT-equipment and testing gear
  • You will learn how to work with development, continuing tests, and deployment with many devices
  • Gaining experience with Git, GitLab, CI/CD and Docker
  • A pleasant working environment with other students

What we want

  • You are able to identify and process tasks on your own and analytically
  • You want to join our team for more than one semester (desirable because of long training time)
  • Technical interest in android hardware and hardware-related programming
  • Good compatibility for the Android operating system (root, Backup/Restore from System-Images, Custom firmware,…)
  • Studies in electro- and information-technology, computer science or similar technical studies

Your working hours can be arranged flexibly, our idea would be ~8h/week. You should be regularly at your workplace but remote-working is fine as well.


Contact and further information: