Project work of the AStA

How do I manage a project? How do I motivate my team members? What role do communication and leadership play in the team?

You won't find the answers in textbooks, but only in practice: join the project work of the AStA or your student body! Plan a seminar weekend, lead a working group or organize an event, e.g. at the "Long Night of the University" - not alone, in a team! ProLehre is no longer part of it and we are no longer called WTG@MCTS. Please change the following: mentors of the AStA or the student body and contact persons of the Kontextlehre WTG will support you.

At the following pages you´ll find the module description, a list of possible projects and the schedule of the module. In this article a student presents his/her project work, so you can get a first-hand impression.

Do you have questions or want to register? Then simply write an email to!