Support & Aid for Ukraine / for Ukrainian students

We are all appalled by the Russian attack on Ukraine. We are deeply shocked by President Putin's disregard for the most basic principles of international law. War cannot be a solution, especially when it puts millions of lives at risk. Our thoughts today are with the people whose lives are being used as pawns of power.

On this page we collect information on the one hand on how we can best support, and on the other hand also offers of help and support for Ukrainian students.

Open letter from the Russian students of TUM against the war in Ukraine

The following letter was sent to us by Russian students at TUM. We are happy to publish it on our website.

On 24.02.2022 at 4 o'clock in the morning a fratricidal war against Ukraine initiated by Vladimir Putin broke out. This day changed our lives irretrievably. We, the Russian students of TU Munich, would like to take a clear stand on this war.

At this moment our relatives, loved ones and friends in Kiev, Kharkiv, Kherson and other Ukrainian cities are being bombed and murdered. In Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, as well as everywhere in Russia, at the same time, protesters against the war are brutally beaten and arrested. This brutal action does not even stop at small children. The war between Ukraine and Russia is a treason against civilization. This war leaves deadly wounds; not only in our hearts, but also in the consciousness of both peoples. And for several generations. Forever.

We strongly condemn this war that despises human rights and admire the strength and courage of Ukrainians. We hope to see the day when the war criminals will be sentenced to the full extent of the law. Ukraine, as well as Russia, has fallen victim to the madness of one man. Each additional day of this unlawful war is like a nightmare.

A war is hell on earth. There is no place for love and freedom. Every day we win back a piece of love and light by trying to help: We take care of refugees, collect donations, organize humanitarian aid, inform our fellow citizens about this cruel war and organize protest events.

We do not want war and demand an immediate end to this senseless, destructive violence. We say NO to war!



(The original letter was delivered to us in German. The translation into English was made by us.)

We try to compile everything to the best of our knowledge, however, due to the fast changing situation, information may be outdated. If you notice an error or have new / current information that may be relevant to this page, please feel free to contact us at or on our social media channels.

Last update of the page: 20.03.2022 22:30 p.m.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Munich

Volunteer to help with transportation, camp, humanitarian aid and much more....

For more details see:

Schönstr. 55 
81543 München 
Phone: 089/651 29 09-0 


LMU Students for Ukraine

Info & volunteer assistance




GOROD Kulturzentrum München

Volunteer help, donations, accommodations

If you would like to help, please send an email to the following address: and we will get back to you as soon as we need help.

Info on the website:

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Munich

Donations in kind cannot be accepted at this time. 

Details & Donation Info:

Schönstr. 55 
81543 München 
Tel.: 089/651 29 09-0 


German Red Cross

Emergency Aid Ukraine

Details & Donation Info:


Appeal for donations of the Technical University of Munich

Call for Donations for Students and Scholarships for Researchers

Details & Donation Info:


Munich Kyiv Queer

Specifically advocates for the human rights of gay, bi, trans* and inter* people in Ukraine

Details & Donation Info:

Free use MVV / MVG (Munich public transport) / Deutsche Bahn / further european transport services

People who had to leave their home country Ukraine due to the war and enter Germany are allowed to use all public transport in Munich and in the entire MVV area free of charge from now on until further notice.
A valid identification document is sufficient as proof here. 


Deutsche Bahn and many other European railroads and transport companies have also joined the campaign.


Emergency fund for Ukrainian students and researchers

Those affected can contact their respective universities directly. The allocation is based on the number of enrolled Ukrainian nationals at the respective university.



TUM aid programs for people affected by the war in Ukraine

Students who are affected can contact us at the email address


Akademische Unterstützung

At,a large international team compiles jobs and study programs specifically for Ukrainians.


Studentenhilfe München (Student Aid Munich)

e.g. free meal in the canteen


(The offer is generally valid for all students in need of help in Munich)


Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Counseling of the Studentenwerk München

Attention, the offer is very busy, please contact them quickly if you need it!


(The offer is generally valid for all students in need of help in Munich)