Elected councils

1) Senat

The senate is the highest academic panel and consists of eleven voting members. Two of them are students whom you elect during university elections.

The senate deals with:

  • university legislation
  • proposed degree course modifications
  • approval of new of altered FPSOs
  • research priorities
  • appointment of professorships

2) Faculty council

The faculty council is you faculty‘s highest panel. Depending on your faculty‘s size the student body is represented by two or four fellow students whom you elect during university elections.

The faculty council deals with:

  • general teaching matters
  • postdoctoral qualification
  • licenses to teach and professorships

The faculty councils‘ decisions may need to be endorsed by the general university governance or the senate to be valid.

3) Study faculty council

Study faculty councils are only elected at Munich School of Engineering (MSE) and at TUM Campus Straubing (TUMCS).

4) Student representation

The student faculty council consists of the representatives whom you elect during university election. The number of representatives depend on you faculty‘s size.

They are you general contact if you have any problems. They also represent your interests towards your faculty and the other student faculty councils on the general students‘ council, the highest student-only-panel in the university.