Electoral procedure

1) Senate

For the senate election, you may cast two votes. Typically there are at least two lists, thus you can...

  • you can vote for a list
  • you can vote for the individual candidates
    • Note: You are able to select two candidates of two different lists, if you so choose

2) Study Faculty Council

Study Faculty Councils are only elected at Munich School of Engineering (MSE) and at Campus Straubing. Here, you may cast one vote.

3) Faculty Council

Depending on your faculty‘s size, you may cast two or four votes, which you can distribute between the candidates. You may give a single candidate up to three votes.

If you are a member of the following faculties, you may cast two votes:

  • Architektur
  • Bauingenieur- und Vermessungswesen
  • Chemie
  • Informatik
  • Mathematik
  • Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt und Geodäsie
  • Physik
  • Straubing (Institutsrat)
  • Sport
  • TUM School of Education
  • TUM School of Governance
  • TUM School of Life Sciences (ex. Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan) (School Council)
  • TUM School of Management

If you are a member of the following faculties, you may cast four votes:

  • Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
  • Maschinenwesen
  • Medizin

4) Student representation

In most faculties the student representatives are elected at the same time as the faculty council. There are at least twelve slots, depending on you faculty‘s size.


  • Munich School of Engineering (MSE)
  • TUM School of Education
  • TUM School of Management
  • TUM School of Life Science

Here the elections are done separately. The number of votes you can cast depends on the maximum number of student representatives. This will be noted on your ballot.