The Student Representation’s Tasks

To achieve its goals, the Council of Student Representatives elects chairs, division heads and appointees. Together, they form the Allgemeiner Studentischer Ausschuss (AStA) and meet regularly every other Tuesday at 18:30 Uhr in the AStA office. These meetings are public, you’re welcome to stop by. You con find upcoming meeting dates here.

The Student Representation’s goals are defined in Bavarian university laws. Our approach to fulfilling these goals leads to various projects:

Duties per Bavarian University Law

Bavarian university law stipulates the following tasks for the Student Representation:

  1. The representation of subject-matter-related, financial and social interests of students at the university.
  2. Questions that transcend the university’s departments which result from the engagement of student representatives within university’s institutions
  3. The furthering of intellectual, musical and sports-related interests of students.
  4. The maintenance of relations to universities both in Germany and abroad.

What We’re Making of It

  • participation in the study subsidy apportionment process
  • creation of studying spaces for students
  • evaluation of degree program charters and professoral appointments
  • participation with implementation of Bologna reforms
  • improvement of IT services at the university
  • political work regarding student-specific housing projects
  • organizing parties and festivals
  • organizing the Environmental Lecture Series
  • maintenance of contact to the Studierendenwerk
  • and much more