University elections

The next University Elections shall take place on Tuesday, the 28th of July 2020. You can submit your ballot between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Due to the Corona Crisis, we recommend that you make use of postal voting, to help avoid unneccessary travel.

Q&A with the Candidates of the 2020 University Elections

13th July, 19:00

Why should I vote?

  •  you can decide who is going to represent you on the TUM committees
  • with your vote you show your support for your student representatives
  • your vote will help determine the path of next year‘s university policy
  • your vote will affect the development of your faculty and university

Who can I vote for?

You elect:

  • dean of studies
  • student's representatives in the TUM Senate and the TUM Board of Trustees
  • student's representatives in the Department Council
  • student's representatives according to the university law of Bavaria

A detailed description is given here.

Who runs for the Senate this year?

The following parties are running for the Senate this year. In our Walomat you can compare them and their positions.

How does the election process work?

You can find more information on that topic under electoral procedures.

Where do I vote?

On-site voting is set up at the following locations: Munich main campus (enrollment hall), Garching campus (Magistrale Maschinenwesen), Weihenstephan campus (foyer central lecture hall building) and TUM campus Straubing (Schulgasse 22).

How can I vote?

Especially in times of the corona pandemic, TUM recommends to use postal vote. You can find a how-to here

Result from former university elections

You can find the results from the past years here:


If you have any questions send an e-mail to or visit the website from TUM.