Student council of Technical University of Munich

As student representation we're taking care of the interests of all the students at TU Munich. We are working on university politics as well as presenting a broad range of events. Thus we’re shaping life at university—be it by changing a course or throwing a party.


You want to keep up with the Student Council? You want to know what's going at TUM? Subscribe to our Telegram Channel to keep up to date! What can you expect there? - Information about all events of the SV and departmental student councils (if they are generally suitable for all students) - Meetings - Reminders for all important deadlines of…

Join us!

If participating is too boring for you and you would rather help to shape things, you can do this at the student representation. Whether it's organizing parties, publishing magazines, improving study conditions or discussing university policy topics, you've come to the right place! For example, at the AStA meeting, which takes place regularly on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the AStA rooms.

Interested? Read on!

The next AStA events can be found here, you can also help out at any of them. The current possibilities are listed at

What is the Student Representation?

In the following video we explain how the Student Representation is composed and what roles the different committees have.