Student Groups

Contrary to popular belief, TUM students don’t spend all their time on lectures and exams. Many students volunteer, organize continuing education and excursions, or organize their own events. The Student Representation provides support and improves visibility of student groups once they have been accredited by the Council of Student Representatives.


More information about the benefits and obligations associated with accreditation

StudiTUM Privileges

Additional support through free room reservation rights and storage space in StudiTUM houses


Overview of forms the Student Representation provides to student groups

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These student groups are accredited and actively supported by the Student Representation.

Groups can update their information for the list here.


Student groups that engage with academic content – whether in one field or with an interdisciplinary approach


The working group consists of students, doctoral candidates and graduates of food chemistry. We organize meetings & excursions.

Applied Mathematics Student Club Munich
Munich Debate Club

Since 2001 we offer a place for friendly debates and participate in German and international competitions.


Our events lead to discussions, break thought patterns and enable people to meet outside of their own bubble.


Delve into real educational projects, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, and collaborate on solutions to address challenges in education.


Our aim as EESTEC is developing international contacts as well as encouraging the exchange of ideas among EECS students.


As an NGO founded in Brussels in 1991, EMSA aims to represent the interests and opinions of European medical students.

Enactus Munich

We’re a student organization focused on social entrepreneurship. Our six projects in five countries tackle sustainable development goals.

ISPE SC Munich

We offer students and young professionals an opportunity to expand their networks and participate in events.

MTP Munich

Our meetings with businesses & consulting projects help shape a national education network for marketing and entrepreneurship.

Philosophia Munich

We discuss modern philosophy to foster understanding of ethics, society, and the universe.


We are devoted to ideas worth spreading. Our aim is to inspire curious minds and encourage them to flourish upon each other’s ideas.

TUM Case Club

We are all about case studies: educational events & workshops with experienced speakers, an inspiring network, and our own competitions.


TUM-ABES organizes excursions to companies, startups and chairs in biotechnology and shows students career opportunities.



Student groups that act as advocates for parts of the student body

BSH Munich

BSH-Munich promotes exchange on security policy issues through a variety of events and discussions on international politics.

EA Munich

We try to find ways we can do as much good as possible. Instead of just doing what feels right, we use evidence and careful reasoning.

Init. Stoppt Studiengebühren

Equal educational opportunities for all: We strongly oppose fees for international students and advocate for protecting an international TUM.

Munich Animal Rights Club
PAN UG TU Munich

Our aim is to improve the status of nutritional medicine, to emphasize its key role in prevention and curation and to develop projects.

Responsible Tech Hub

Our goal is to demystify the responsible tech debate and create a space for inter-generational, inclusive, cross-sectoral co-creation.

School of Circularity
School of Transformation

SOFT is an intersectional feminist collective. We engage with feminist practices in education, work, and self-organization.

Studentischer Automobilverband München
Women in CS @ TUM

An initiative at TUM-Computer Science which is working towards equal participation of women and of other underrepresented groups.


Groups that work to improve sustainability on campus or outside of it

100 Voices - One Planet

We’re a project that’s gathering voices from the 100 countries most strongly impacted by climate change and uniting them in a documentary.

LBV-HSG Freising

We like to discover nature, deepen our species knowledge and have a good time outside by organizing excursions, lectures and more.

LBV-HSG Straubing

We bring together young people passionate about nature conservation in Straubing and its surroundings.

Öko-AK Landbau Weihenstephan
The Green Team

Our vision is to support students of today as they become future leaders and enablers of a sustainable world.

TUM Renewable Energies Initiative

Arts & Culture

Groups that focus on events with a slant towards arts and culture


We are a diverse group of TUM members who simply love acting. We are always looking for enthusiastic people on or off stage!



The Campus-Cneipe has been providing leisure activities since 2005. It's managed, supplied, and run by TUM students and alumni.

tu film

Lecture hall by day - cinema by night: We show the best current films and classics on the big screen every Tuesday and Thursday.

Fusian Dance Crew

We are an international dance crew focused on mixed hip-hop. We train, perform and build a fun community along the way.

Culture Club

Enjoy culture is our Motto. We visit theatres, cinemas, or museums together.


Initiative for student culture at the inner city campus. A place for exchange that promotes interfaculty and interdisciplinary interaction.

Praias do Isar

Praias do Isar is a Rio style samba school that offers both percussion and dance classes.

Student DnD Club Heilbronn
TUM Bookclub

We read nonfiction and fiction books. The goal is to discuss, broaden our horizons, and learn new things via discussions (3–4 times / semester).

TUM Jazzband

We are a student-run big band, accepting musicians from all universities in Munich.


Groups that help students enter employment or find a job to complement their studies

180DC Munich

As the world’s largest student-led consultancy, we support nonprofit organizations and social startups in mastering strategic challenges.

Academy Consult

We help students expand the theoretical knowledge they gather at university by consulting companies on external projects.


EUROAVIA Munich promotes aerospace knowledge, professional development, and international networking among students.

Family Business Club

The Family Business Club is an initiative at the TUM School of Management aimed at students interested in family businesses.

IAESTE an der TUM e. V.

We make networking personal.
Germany’s largest student-run career forum.

Innovis VC

Innovis VC is Europe’s fastest growing student initiative at the intersection of startups, students and investors.

Nucleate Germany

Nucleate is a global organization that facilitates the formation of biotech companies and empowers the next generation of leaders in the field.

TUM Blockchain Club

We aim to boost the European student blockchain ecosystem and foster a community of those driving blockchain for good.

TUM Club for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
VDE-IEEE Hochschulgruppe

Community Service

Groups that engage in giving aid to communities nearby or abroad

Abasha e. V.

Abasha supports young sport and education initiatives around the world by providing a platform for digital volunteering.

Campus for Change e. V.

We implement social projects worldwide in the areas of development aid, education, health care and refugee aid.

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e. V.

Development cooperation: Using technical know-how to improve people's living conditions and help the world grow together.

Munich Roots in Education

Our goal is to financially support the education of socially disadvantaged children and youth using the proceeds of events we organize.

Nightline München

The Nightline is a helpline by students for students. We will listen to any issues or problems you might have at university or elsewhere.


Our mentoring program connects university students and middle school students for educational justice and equal opportunities.

Talente Spenden

Empowering volunteerism: we run several volunteer projects such as a tutoring for refugees and biotope cultivation in protected meadows.

TU eMpower Africa e. V.

TU eMpower Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering African communities.

UNICEF-Hochschulgruppe München

International Matters

Groups that support student exchanges with other countries or offer a network for students from specific countries

AEGEE München

AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest youth organizations. We stand for cultural understanding and union of all young Europeans.


AIS-Munich's aims are supporting students, presenting a holistic picture of Iranian culture and providing a setting for integration & exchange.


This group of Luxembourgian students in Munich counts over 200 active members that offers a group to get to know others.

Munich Egyptian Students Club

As a society for politically interested students from all degrees, we build debating skills and broaden horizons at international conferences.

TUM Canadian Students Association
TUMHN Debate


Groups that allow students to participate as mentors or mentees

AIESEC in München
Lern-Fair Hub Munich

We are committed to providing all pupils in Germany with the same educational opportunities. by TEC

With the aim to inspire and encourage girls for STEM topics, we offer free programming workshops and supports girls via mentoring.

Studenten bilden Schüler

As a volunteer with us, you’ll help socially disadvantaged school pupils – as a tutor in subjects of your choice or through organization.


Groups focused on introducing students to like-minded people

ESN TUMi e. V.

We organise events for exchange and international students, running the gamut from excursions and cultural events to sports and parties.

Munich FinanceCircle
Society of Sommeliers

As Munich’s first student wine club, we educate our members in the areas about wine, its degustation and its production.


SRM Talks

Monthly talks with experts from the sustainability industry followed by a networking dinner.

START Munich

As Munich's biggest student club focused on entrepreneurship, our community of grants members direct access to the start-up ecosystem.

Stipendiennetzwerk München

We promote the exchange between scholarship recipients of 13 foundations in Munich and inform young people about scholarships.

The Entrepreneurial Group

The Entrepreneurial Group is the student initiative enabling students to start their entrepreneurial journey in Munich.

TUM Business Club e. V.


Groups promoting exchange within or between religions

Muslimische Studenteninitiative

Research and Applications

Groups that allow a direct access to course contents—with a focus on original research or applications

Electrochemical Society Student Chapter Munich
Future Foods
iGEM Munich

Our joint team from TUM and LMU competes in iGEM – the biggest annual international competition in synthetic biology.


We’re developing a brain-computer-interface and analyzing original EEG tests with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

TU Investment Club

The TU Investment Club is a non-profit student organization dedicated to the education of students with a distinct interest in financial markets.


We develop open source websites and apps for TUM students.

Research and Applications in Engineering

Akaflieg Munich

Akaflieg Munich is a student initiative for all universities in Munich. Since 1924, we design, build and fly our own gliders and motor airplanes.

Bioinformatics Munich Student Lab

DASH develops a lower-limb exoskeleton for fully paraplegic patients to help them regain mobility.

Elara Aerospace

Into space and far beyond: Elara Aerospace is aiming to create the first student-built Methalox rocket to reach 100 km.


We are a student group aiming to develop accesible, affordable and customizable hand prostheses for developing countries.

Falcon Vision
Impetus Sailing Team

Since 2023, we’ve been developing, building and using high-performance sailing boats. We focus on efficient, lightweight and sustainable designs.


We want to develop the world’s longest-range eVTOL drone below 25 kg take-off mass by using a hydrogen fuel cell system.

MedTech OneWorld Students

Together with local partners, we work on medtech projects which focus on needs of developing countries. Students in all areas are welcome.

TUM Boring

We're working on tech for underground transportation. Our tunnel boring machine won the Not-a-Boring Competition twice.

TUM Carbon

We want to solve climate change. To do so, we’re developing a carbon removal technology to actively remove atmospheric CO2.

TUM Phoenix Robotics

We work on projects in the areas of aufonomous driving and flying.


As the biggest student group at TUM, WARR (scientific workgroup for rocketry and spaceflight) works on ambitious space projects.


Groups that intend to strengthen sports at our university

Munich eSports e. V.

We support esports at TUM—with teams for the German university league, gaming nights, viewing parties, tournaments and more!

Munich Student Athletes Club

MuSAC promotes the exchange between high-performing student athletes of all sports and provides assistance on various topics.

Student AirRace

Student AirRace is about providing a hands-on experience to student aviation enthusiasts by developing a UAV racing competition.

TUM Chess Club
TUM HN Hiking Club

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