Study grants at the TU München

The study grants correspond to the study fees, except that the money comes from the State of Bavaria.

The TU Munich receives around €20 million study grants per year. Like the tuition fees, this money should also be used to improve the conditions as efficiently as possible and study-related through cooperation between students and lecturers. In the past, many ideas could be tackled and fruitful concepts implemented at TUM.

  • You find for which central tasks the study grants are currently spent on at concepts
  • For faculty-level expenses, contact your student body
  • How the study grants are distributed at the TU Munich can be found at distribution

What are study grants?

Study grants are financial resources from the State of Bavaria that are available to universities to improve study conditions. The money does not affect capacity, i.e. the money is not for creating study places, but for the improvement of existing places. The study grants compensate for the elimination of tuition fees, which were abolished in Bavaria on October 1, 2013. So only the source of funds has changed. Both the purpose ("improvement of study conditions") and the equal participation of us students (see distribution) are still mandatory. In addition to Article 5a of the Bavarian Higher Education Act, there is an associated administrative rule that provides further details.