Our history

The Student Representation, the student bodies and the AStA live from volunteers who get involved in addition to their studies. Many of the former representatives, delegates and persons who just went along, are responsible for the fact that we are one of the liveliest and most active Student Representations in Munich.

A big thank you to all helpers and volunteers who are not listed here! Without a strong team, we would not be able to help shape our university as we still do today.

Former Chairpersons

Office period University Policy Parliamentary Management Internal Management
2021/22 Julius Weber (since 06/20)
Fabian Richter (until 05/20)
Lukas Santos (since 06/20)
Philipp Rößner (until 05/20)
Isabella Hennessen (since 02/20)
Simon Hanssen (until 02/20)
2020/21 Sandra Paßreiter Alexander Spears David Vadasz

Sandra Paßreiter (since 08/20)
Jürgen Schiffer (until 08/20)


Alexander Spears David Vadasz
Office period Chairperson Vice Chairperson Vice Chairperson
2018/19 Sarah Elser Henry Winner  
2017/18 Benedikt Retsch    
2016/17 Constantin Heffner Benedikt Retsch Florian vor dem Esche
2015/16 Constantin Heffner Paul Maroldt  
2014/15 Konstantin Römer Christian Zoller  
2013/14 Sebastian Biermann Konstantin Römer (since 04/14)  
2012/13 Stefan Bschorer Sebastian Biermann  
2011/12 Sebastian Koch Stefan Bschorer  
2010/11 Sebastian Koch Johannes Windmiller  
2009/10 Julian Esselborn Jennifer Klüpfel Dominik Schmid
2008/09 Florian Miller Martin Diehl  
2007/08 Anian Kammerloher Martin Diehl  
2006/07 Stefan Reindl Andreas Haslbeck  
2005/06 Johannes Horak Stephanie Becker  
2004/05 Björn Klotzbücher Petra Kleiner  
2003/04 Florian Friesdorf Svenja Jarchow  
2002/03 Hans Pongratz Svenja Jarchow  
2001/02 Kilian Müller Hans Pongratz (since 06/02)  
2000/01 Kilian Müller (since 06/01)
Max Berger (until 06/01)
Joachim Heller  
1999/2000 Martin Dinkel    
1998/99 Irmela Knütter

Anne-Kathrin Pfeifer


Former Student Representatives of the Senate and TUM Board of Trustees

Office period directly elected directly elected
2021/22 Miriam Neuhäuser Henry Winner
2020/21 Mathias Ostermeier Henry Winner
2019/20 Philipp Koch Zaim Sari
2018/19 Zaim Sari Nora Weiner
2017/18 Paul Maroldt Franziska Ochsenfarth
2016/17 Paul Maroldt Nora Pohle
2015/16 Nora Pohle Philipp Rinner
2014/15 Nora Pohle Peter Zarnitz
2013/14 Peter Kuhn Peter Zarnitz


Office period


directly elected


sent by the TUM Student Council

2012/13 Franziska Traube Peter Zarnitz
2011/12 Johannes Windmiller Ari Wugalter
2010/11 Matthias Gottlieb Ari Wugalter (since 05/11)
Martha Thellmann (until 04/11)
2009/10 Anian Kammerloher Matthias Gottlieb
2008/09 Agnes Auer Anian Kammerloher
2007/08 Moritz Tobiasch Agnes Auer (since 03/08)
Philipp Huy (until 02/08)
2006/07 Boqiao Sun Philipp Huy (since 03/08)
Petra Kleiner (until 02/07)
2005/06 Bernhard Zimmermann Petra Kleiner
2004/05 Svenja Jarchow Bernhard Zimmermann
2003/04 Björn Klotzbücher Tobias Roßteuscher
2002/03 Patrick Carl Peter Haider
2001/02 Patrick Carl Sebastian Linack
2000/01 Tassilo Meindl Sebastian Linack
1999/2000 Anne-Kathrin Pfeifer

Tassilo Meindl