Student bodies

The term "student bodies of a department or school" can be used to describe all students of a subject area (for example, all mechanical engineering students). Fortunately, within each student body there is a handful of committed people who are willing to represent this one towards the department and make their fellow students' studies as easy as possible.

The Departmental Student Council is basically your first contact point if problems arise concerning study matters.

You help determine the "official" members of your Departmental Student Council: at the university elections, among other things, it is determined who represents you in the TUM Student Council and who is an elected member of the Departmental Student Council. As a rule, however, all you have to do for participation is to ask! For many parts of the student body work, it doesn't matter if you are elected.


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A special feature of the student bodies of the Weihenstephan Campus is their merger into a campus-wide Student Representation, the Council of Student Representatives / Rat der studentischen Vertretungen (RSTV).

Student bodies of the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology (CIT) and the TUM School of Natural Sciences (NAT)

Concerning the CIT, the EI (mostly downtown) and MPIC (Garching) form together the service area; for the NAT, the service area is represented entirely by MPIC.

Student body CIT
Computation, Information and Technology

Student body EI
Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Student Association MPIC
Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics/Chemistry

Student body NAT
Natural Sciences

Student bodies of the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED)

The School ED has one student body at the university policy level. In addition, there are separate service areas and associations for the various departments

Student body ED
Engineering and Design

Student body MSE
Munich School of Engineering

Student body LRG
Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt, Geodäsie

Student body BGU
Bau, Geodäsie, Umwelt

Student bodies of the TUM School of Life Sciences (LS)

The TUM School of Life Sciences contains six separate student bodies. These additionally connect at the Student Council Weihenstephan.

Student body Agriculture
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

Student body LemiBrau
Brauwesen, Lebensmitteltechnologie und Bioprozesstechnik

Student body Landscape
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

Student body Forestry
Forest Science & Resource Management

Student body Weihenstephan
former Rat der Studentischen Vertretungen Weihenstephan

Student bodies of the future TUM School of Medicine and Health

Student body of the TUM School of Management (MGT)

Student body TUM SOM
TUM School of Management

Student bodies of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology (SOT)

Student body GTS
Governance, Technology and Society

Student body of TUM Campus Straubing (CS)