Heads of the StudiTUM Houses

The Heads of the StudiTUM houses of the Student Representation serve as an interface between the TUM and the students for housing-related matters. We are involved in the design and equipment of the houses, including the study grants provided for this purpose and also serve as contact person for problems. As the houses are especially for students, we have an influence on their operation and work closely together with the TUM to bring in student concerns about the houses. In addition, the Heads are involved in the planning of previous and future StudiTUM houses.

You can find more information about the houses and current operations at https://www.sv.tum.de/studitum

If you have any questions, feedback or problems about the houses or the office, you are welcome to contact the email address given below.

Jakob Fuchs

B.Sc. Informatik


Questions, ideas or suggestions?

Contact us anytime at studitum@fs.tum.de