Temporarily not to lend laptops!

We can't rent laptops at the moment. Changes will be announced here.

Laptop Rental Service

In partnership with the TUM Board of Management and the chair of Prof. Schulz (Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems), the AStA lends 25 laptops to TUM students. The devices are explicitly intended for study work and not as short-term replacements for defective private laptops.

  • Who: students, who need a laptop for study-related reasons, e.g. for semester, master's, bachelor's or other works.
  • Requirements: you are not in possession of a (working) laptop and you will not receive one by your supervising chair.The confirmation of the supervisor is sufficient.
  • Loan duration: for a final thesis (or comparable, like semester thesis) you get the laptop for 6 months. For other works (e.g. seminar papers) you get it for 3 months. These periods may be extended once by 3 months, if necessary.
  • Deposit: 200 Euros
  • Contact: you can write an email to leihlaptops@fs.tum.de



You fulfill all of the requirements and want a laptop? In the following we explain how you get one:

  1. Application: In combination with your supervising chair, please fill out the following PDF document and send us a scanned copy via email to leihlaptops@fs.tum.de.
  2. We accept your application: If the application meets the criteria, we will notify you by e-mail and forward the information that you will receive a laptop to the Chair of Computer Engineering and Computer Organization of Prof. Schulz (School of Computation, Information and Technology).
  3. Pay deposit and collect laptop: You make an appointment with Mr. Obermeier to pick up the device. Bring with you the deposit of 200€ in cash, as well as your Personal ID Card and Student ID Card. So that one must only travel to Garching once, please set the meeting on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9 and 10 o'clock, as the Paying Office (Zahlstelle) is only open on these days until 11 o'clock.
    The procedure shall likely look as follows:
    1. You obtain a payment order from Mr. Obermeier.
    2. With the payment order you go to the Payment office of the TUM , pay the deposit there and get a receipt for it.
    3. With this receipt you go back to Mr. Obermeier and get your laptop there. Here you have to sign the final loan agreement. 


Legal matters

Herer are the most important information:

  • Contract: The loan contract is concluded directly with the Chair of Computer Technology and Computer Organization of Prof. Schulz of the Department of Computer Science only after our "okay".
  • Insurance/Responsibility: The rented laptops are not insured. If the one you have borrowed breaks down, you will have to pay for the damage caused.
  • Extent of liability: With the conclusion of the loan agreement, it is stipulated how much the laptop is worth at that time (initially 1000 €). If you lose the laptop or it breaks down, you are obliged to pay for this amount (in case of loss) or for the repair price.
  • You can also read all other regulations in the sample contract .

These obligations may seem harsh at first. But since you are not required to pay any rental fee, there is no need to take out insurance. However, in such situations, your liability insurance will cover you, if you or your parents have taken out one.

Further Information