Electoral procedure

1) Senate

For the Senate election you have 2 votes. Since there are different lists competing this year, there will be a list election. That means you have two options:

  • You can give your two votes to one of the competing lists. These votes are then automatically valid for the two first-placed of the voted list
  • You can also vote directly for individual candidates

2) Study Department Councils

When electing the representatives of the Student Department Council of Campus Straubing, you each have 1 vote.

3) Department Council or School Council

Depending on your department or school‘s size, you have 2 or 4 votes (which you may give to the candidates). You may give one single candidate up to three votes.

If you are a member of the following schools or departments, you have two votes:

  • TUM School of Natural Sciences
  • Straubing (Institute Council)
  • Sports and Health Sciences
  • TUM School of Social Sciences & Technology
  • TUM School of Management

If you are a member of the following schools or departments, you have four votes:

  • TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
  • Medicine
  • TUM School of Life Sciences
  • TUM School of Engineering & Design (ED)

Departmental Student Council

In most departments, the Departmental Student Council is elected at the same time as the Department Council or School Council. In addition to the elected Department Councils, those candidates who receive the most votes, are members of the Student Council. Depending on the number of students, there are different numbers of seats for the Departmental Student Councils, but at least 12.


  • TUM School of Social Sciences & Technology
    • Student body LehrerTUM
    • Student body Governance, Technology & Society
  • TUM Science Center, Weihenstephan
    • Student body Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
    • Student body Brewing and Food Technology
    • Student body Life Sciences
    • Student body Nutritional Science
    • Student body Forestry & Resource Management
    • Student body Landscape Architecture and Planning

At these two schools, it depends on your study program which student body is responsible for you. You elect your Departmental Student Council separately from the Department Council, since there can be several student bodies at a school, but only one School Council.

The number of votes shall correspond to the maximum number of possible representatives. You can see how many votes you have on the ballot paper.