Diversity & Queer Department

The Diversity & Queer Department offers a platform for students who do not find themselves within the current sexual and gender norm or belong to other minorities.

We want to enable you to exchange experiences, solve conflicts as well as taking care of your wishes and suggestions for your university life.

In addition, we always want to create a protected, non-discriminatory and respectful space.

The unit has a linktree page as well as an Instagram account.


We are looking for you!

Interested? Write to sv@fs.tum.de!

Our Vision

Within our work, we aim to enable all students and staff members to feel comfortable enough to bring their whole selves to our university. We hope that they can realize their potential and fulfill their personal objectives with joining the TUM.

We want to enable non-discriminatory campus life and reflect the diversity of the student body in teaching and research. We also rely on closer cooperation with other staff units (e.g. Staff Unit for Equal Opportunities) and the TUM Executive Committee


With diversity we mean the multiplicity of people's individual identity within a group, such as w.r.t. gender, background, sexual orientation, religion etc.

We find here that it is effective, realistic and sustainable to work out and actively use inclusive methods and approaches within the university together.

These include workshops or talks to amplify marginalized voices as well as projects and opportunities to support and appreciate each other within the community.


The abbreviation LGBTQI+

stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Inter and other orientations and identities and refers to the whole community.

It is an umbrella term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people. The "+" is meant to include people who do not identify with the labels and offers the possibility to include their self-identified label, such as pansexual, non-binary, genderfluid, agender or asexual.

Bisexual people are capable of developing an emotional and/or sexual inclination towards not just one, but several different gender identities.

Trans stands for transgender, i.e. people whose gender identity differs from their sex.

Intersex means that no clear biological sex can be assigned to a person at the time of birth.

Non-binary gender identities is a label for people who do not identify with the binary gender terms, but on another position of the gender spectrum.

Queer (originally from the English: strange, different) is a kind of umbrella term for non-cis-heterosexual people.


Every semester, we host a Poetry Slam in the Audimax lecture hall with around 8 slammers and 700 spectators.

During the semester as well as the lecture-free period, we aim to organize regular get-togethers for socializing and to provide updates on our work. We also host lectures, discussion rounds and cooperations with e.g. the tu film.

During the pandemic, we aim to host recurring virtual board games as well (e.g. Skribbl.io, Codenames, Among Us, Spyfall).

At the yearly Munich Christopher Street Day Pride Parade in July, we represent the TUM and participate with our very own wagon and around 150 attendees while celebrating and standing up for diversity and acceptance.

You are welcome!

If you are looking for a social network, would like to get involved, have problems at the university because of your identity or notice discrimination, feel free to come by or get in touch with us! We are looking forward to meeting you!


Questions, ideas or suggestions?

Contact us anytime at diversity@fs.tum.de


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